The purpose of this project is to ensure sustainable exports and value added manufacturing and to increase University-Industry cooperation culture, to support progressive ideas and to extend innovation culture in Electric, Electronics and Information industries.


Progressive and innovative ideas in Electric, Electronics and Information industries are accepted under the scope of this project.


This project is facilitated by TET (Turkish Electro Technology), Electrical and Electronics Exporters’ Association.


TET Proje Pazarı is open for R&D and innovation centered legal persons (R&D centers, companies performing research actions, public institutions, technopark and Tübitak-MAM establishments, universities etc.) and real persons.

Group participation to TET Proje Pazarı is possible. Nonetheless, group participants must nominate one of the group members as their representative. Projects accepted by TET Proje Pazarı must participate to project events with at least one group member on the day of the event. 

TET Proje Pazarı participation does not require Republic of Turkey citizenship. Applications submitted in English are also accepted.

There are no limitations in terms of the number of applications. Same person/group can make several applications with various projects.


Applications must be submitted to www.tetprojepazari.org website. TET Proje Pazarı participants must upload their projects online and in the requested format after acknowledging the accuracy of their personal information and accepting the terms and conditions of the specification listed on www.tetprojepazari.org. In addition, during the application period, participants can also upload a video introducing their project, which shall be no longer than 5 minutes.


Deadline for Applications: 4 October 2021 

Event Date: 17-18 November, 2021





TET Proje Pazarı Evaluation Committee will evaluate submitted projects online and determine whether the project is accepted and invited to the event. Project Evaluation Committee reserves the right to determine the number of accepted projects (preliminary approval). 

Projects submitted to the website later than 4 October 2021, 23:59 shall be rejected. Deadline for submissions can be extended upon the decision of TET Proje Pazarı Executive Board.

Projects that pass the preliminary evaluation phase will be evaluated online by the Project Evaluation Committee on the dates announced on www.tetprojepazari.org website.

Project Evaluation Committee will have 3 sub-groups which will severally perform evaluations in 3 different categories. Once the evaluation phase is completed, category winners will be announced on the website and on social media accounts of the event on the date announced at the website.   


One of the most important criteria of the Project Evaluation Committee for the projects submitted to TET Proje Pazarı is the sectoral compatibility (convenience) of the project. Added value, innovation potential, practicability and authenticity are among other important criteria of the Project Evaluation Committee. 


Projects that pass the preliminary evaluation phase will undergo a detailed online evaluation by the Project Evaluation Committee. After this final evaluation, a total of 300.000 Turkish Liras (Three Hundred Thousand Turkish Liras) will be awarded to 3 categories, winner of each category being awarded 100.000 TL (One Hundred Thousand Turkish Liras.).

Smart Energy Category Winner: 100.000 TL

Smart Healthcare Category Winner: 100.000 TL 

Other Smart Applications Category Winner: 100.000 TL

Category winners will be announced on www.tetprojepazari.org website and/or on TET Proje Pazarı social media accounts.

Each project submitted to TET Proje Pazarı must nominate a project representative. The person submitting the project application shall be deemed as the project representative unless modified. Project representative can appoint another person as the representative however, a project cannot have 2 project representatives at the same time. At all procedures and processes related to the project, declaration of the project representative shall be deemed true and valid.

Payment of the winning prize shall be sent to:

  • The IBAN account declared to the administration by the Project representative along with a sample of his photo ID.


Receiving party of all communications/correspondences related to the event shall be:

TET – ELEKTRİK VE ELEKTRONİK İHRACATÇILARI BİRLİĞİ   Çobançeşme Mevkii, Sanayi Cad. Dış Ticaret Kompleksi A Blok Kat: 4 / Elektrik Sektör Şubesi Yenibosna 34197 İSTANBUL   Tel: 0212 4540091   Fax: 0212 4540098   e-mail: info@tetprojepazari.org web: www.tetprojepazari.org  


In case TET Proje Pazarı Evaluation Committee determines any violation of intellectual property rights, the project shall be disqualified. In case it is understood that the project design etc. is replicated, the prize will not be granted or the project winner will be requested to refund the amount immediately. Any legal implications arising from such disputes shall be borne by the participant and İMMİB/General Secretariat/Jury or Event Organizer shall never be deemed responsible for such implications. In such cases, winning prize is either cancelled or the winner is requested to refund the amount in case the prize is granted.


Project owner agrees and undertakes that all information provided by him are true, accurate and actual. In addition, the project owner irrevocably agrees and undertakes that TET (Turkish Electrical and Electronics Exporters’ Association) reserves the right to process and share his personal information with business partners in accordance with Personal Data Processing Law No:6698.


  • Project owner owns all rights of the selected projects.
  • Project owners who submit applications with projects submitted to TET Proje Pazarı in the preceding years might be accepted for the jury and investor meetings however can be excluded from the prize. Nonetheless, if the project owner submits a new project, then he shall be entitled to claim the winning prize.
  • TET reserves the right to organize meetings with project owners, juries and shareholders during the online evaluation phase and to record these meetings.
  • TET reserves the right to broadcast, announce or promote information, visuals and online meeting records of participants and projects via its website, social media accounts and other media outlets for the discretion of public, TET suppliers or any other 3rd parties in the format TET deems appropriate.
  • Members of TET, affiliated İMMİB General Secretariat personnel, current or former or substitute members of the evaluation committee, event rapporteurs, event juries and their immediate family members are not allowed to participate in the event. The project is disqualified and/or the winning prize shall be refunded to TET in case of violation of this condition. 
  • Project owner shall be held fully responsible for the authenticity of the project including any partial or full claims or any kind of similar disputes on the project or the authenticity of the project by third persons or parties. 
  • TET reserves the right to cancel this event without any justifications.

* In case there are modifications on the dates, participants will be notified separately. Results of the event will be displayed on ww.tetprojepazari.org.