Important Matters

A.All the rights and entitlements borne by projects selected for participation are reserved by the project owner.

B.During virtual assessment regarding the event, TET can organise meetings with project owners, juries and stakeholders and also record these meetings.

C.By the social media and other media accounts for the purpose of announcing the event and also for the purpose of arranging the event TET may announce and publish information, images and electronically held meeting images visuals that belong to participants and projects in the format it may find to TET’s suppliers and third parties.

D.The Istanbul Metals and Minerals Exporters Association (IMMIB) personnel, members of the assessment committee, substitute members and event reporters (even if they have resigned) and their immediate families are not allowed to participate in the competition. If anything contrary is established, the project in question will be disqualified and, if an award has been granted, the General Secretariat of IMMIB will revoke the award.

E.In case works sent to TET Proje Pazarı Event are not original or are claimed to be so, or if third persons claim any rights on them, and in any similar situation, all the responsibility will belong to the project owner.

F.TET has the right to cancel the event without any reason.